Ministry of Foreign Affairs

According to the requirements of most major foreign missions and Embassies in Malaysia, certain documents (generally legal original certificates such as birth, single status, marriage, divorce, or death certificates, as well as court orders) require prior legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (also called Wisma Putra) before they are translated and the translation subsequently being submitted for endorsement, certification or legalization (as applicable) at the respective Embassy. Malaysian educational certificates may require prior CERTIFICATION at the Ministry of Education or at the Ministry of Higher Education. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in West Malaysia, as well as the Ministry of Education & Higher Education, are located in Putrajaya, approximately 35km from the city center of Kuala Lumpur.

We provide you with the following services at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Ministry of Education & Higher Education in relation to Malaysian certificates/documents that you require to be translated into a foreign language (e.g. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) for official purposes (e.g. Visa, work permit, university application, etc.)

  • Legalization of original documents such as birth, marriage, death or single-status certificates
  • Certified true copy (CTC) of passports, MyKad, educational certificates (e.g. school & university diplomas/degrees, etc.

Important remark: LEGALISATION and CERTIFICATION (CTC) of a document constitute 2 DIFFERENT procedures and are not the same!

  • Legalization of any certificate is and can only be performed on the ORIGINAL certificate (not on a copy).
  • A copy of a document can be certified ‘as a true copy‘ of the original document.

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