At MB360-Translation we translate your documents in writing from and into 6 different languages: Malay/English/German/French/Spanish/Portuguese. We also provide localization services (sourcing translation services) for Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. With over 10 years of experience and over 2000 successfully completed translation projects we continue thriving to provide you with ever professional, fast and reliable translation documentation.

Call/SMS/WhatsApp us at +6017-213 5182 or directly email your documents to and we’ll be glad to assist!



We communicate personally and directly with our customers via phone, email, or in person through meetings. We only associate and collaborate with well-structured and established partners from the industry as well as native professional linguists who meet our translation standards.

  • Marc Benkelmann grew up bilingual in Germany and France
  • He possesses the German and French nationality
  • He successfully completed study courses in China, Germany, the United States and France
  • He has acquired extensive professional and intercultural knowledge and experience on 3 different continents and in particular in Asia (2 years in Beijing, and 16 years in Kuala Lumpur).
  • He has worked as a professional translator and interpreter in Malaysia for the past 15 years and completed over 3,500 projects
  • He works with a team of well-established professional linguists built over the past 15 years

Marc had the chance to gain vast intercultural knowledge through lasting professional experiences in Europe, North America, and Asia and thus developed a fine sense of cultural similarities and sensitivities that impact our daily global professional and personal environment.

‘By having studied, lived, and worked as a professional translator and interpreter in the countries of the languages I translate from, I learned, experienced, and put into practice the art of providing a literal or figurative translation, a message of everyday jargon or an exact interpretation of professional technical terms and conversations that transmit the thoughts and words of a native speaker to a non-speaker’.


Translation Procedure:

  1. Kindly call/SMS/WhatsApp us at +6017-213 5182 or email us your request to Please specify your requirements (e.g. translation source & target language) and attach a scanned copy/clear picture of your document(s).
  2. Upon viewing your documentation for translation, you will receive a quotation including the translation fees and the fastest realistic delivery time frame
  3. Following reception of your confirmation and payment transaction receipt (scan or picture) you may collect the translation hard copy or you may receive a pdf. softcopy. For official documents and certificates the original hard copy shall be collected
  4. Safe and express worldwide courier delivery of documents can also be arranged.

Remark: Embassy Endorsement/certification services for translations at several Embassies and legalization of original certificates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya can be arranged by us as well.

For the most efficient response to your inquiry, please do not forget to include in your email:

  • A scanned copy/clear picture of the original translation documentation for our viewing in order to provide you with the most accurate quotation and useful additional information (requirements for legalization/endorsement)
  • Details of your individual and/or company address for invoicing and courier delivery (if required)
  • Your mobile contact and/or company telephone number for efficient communication and courier consignment

Appointments can be made via telephone at +6017-213 5182 or by email to at the following location:

  • Office at Menara Bintang Goldhill (239, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur – next to the Indonesian Embassy)