Child Tutoring

At MB-Child-Tutoring we provide your young children with private language education in German. In a world that expects mobility, flexibility and excellent communication skills, we thrive to contribute to develop better communicators and young multilingual speakers. Through our long lasting professional relations with the German Embassy, Marc Benkelmann’s child and youth coaching commitments at the German School in Kuala Lumpur (DSKL) and our exchange with the Goethe Institute, as well as a creative, individually adapted, playful and fun teaching approach, we’ll have your kids be joyful and leave our private or small group classes a step further ahead.

Private teaching classes can be conducted in accordance with the A1 and B1 curriculums prescribed by the European Union for granting of Visas, etc.

Call us at +6017-213 5182 or email to and we’ll look forward to meet you and your children!


I/We communicate personally and directly with our customers via phone and email. We only associate and collaborate with well structured and established partners as well as native professional linguists that set and expect highest standards in communication.

  • I grew up bilingual in Germany and France and posses the German and French nationality
  • I successfully completed study courses in Germany, France and the United States and have worked in those countries thereupon
  • I have lived, studied and worked for over 10 years in English speaking countries and have thus acquired extensive professional experience and intercultural knowledge, particularly in Asia (2 years in Beijing, China and 10 years in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur) and developed a fine sense for cultural similarities and differences that impact our global professional and personal environment.
  • We have build an extensive network and consistently stay in professional and intercultural exchange with German authorities and institutions such as the German Embassy, the Goethe Institute and the German School in Kuala Lumpur (DSKL).
  • I work with a team of professional native linguists build over the past 10 years.
  • I have worked with young children consistently over the past 10 years teaching German and French while also being active as a sports coach.
  • I am passionate about working with children and contributing to their development.

“Through my studies in 4 different countries and having professionally worked with children in the countries of the languages I teach, I gained the educational and pedagogic experience, as well as the intercultural knowledge which has determined the development and fine-tuned my personal approach in transmitting linguistic knowledge to children and young adults”. (Marc Benkelmann)